March 25

Breakfast Roundtable with Poland’s Minister of Health - 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Washington, D.C. 


On Monday, March 25, the U.S.-Poland Business Council held a breakfast roundtable with Łukasz Szumowski, Poland’s Minister of Health, his staff, and Embassy personnel. The event provided companies the opportunity to discuss ongoing business dealings in Poland and share success stories with the Minister.


July 10 Roundtable meeting with Gilbert Kaplan, Undersecretary of Commerce for the International Trade Association - This meeting is an opportunity to ask questions about the Administration’s priorities and policies in the European region. Date: July 10, 2018 Time: 10:00AM to 11:00 AM
April 25-27 Warsaw Business Mission - The US-Poland Business Council will lead its 8th annual business mission to Warsaw on April 25-27 in conjunction with the 2018 U.S.-Poland Business Summit on April 26.


 November 21 Roundtable with Deputy Minister of Economic Development Tadeusz Koscinski - USPBC will be hosting the Deputy Minister Tuesday to discuss the current economic climate in Poland. Deputy Minister Koscinski plays an instrumental role in investment policy and is responsible for foreign investment projects within Poland as well as promoting Polish trade and events abroad. In addition, DM Koscinski plays an important role in industrial participation agreements on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Development.  
 October 13 Press Conference with DPM Morawiecki -  USPBC hosted Deputy Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at a roundtable to discuss the current business climate in Poland. Mr. Morawicki, who also serves as the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, discussed macroeconomic trends seen in the public and private sector as well as the impact of Brexit on the country. After the roundtable, Mr. Morawiecki held a press conference where he and Robert Joyce of Guardian Industries announced the conclusion of an agreement to build the second state-of-the-art production facility in Poland.  
 October 3 Congressional Poland Caucus Meeting - The U.S.-Polish Business Council will be meeting with the Congressional Poland Caucus Co-Chairs, Representatives Dan Lipinski (D-IL), Tim Murphy (R-PA), Chris Smith (R-NJ), and Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), and their staff. The Caucus would like to discuss corporate perspectives on the bilateral relationship and business climate in Poland.  
September 27  Discussion with E.U. Ambassador - The American-Central European Business Association (ACEBA) will host a roundtable with H.E. David O’Sullivan, E.U. Ambassador to the U.S., to discuss European Union Policy and the political and business environment in Central European countries.
September 12  Roundtable with DAS Hoyt Yee - The American-Central European Business Association (ACEBA) met with Deputy Assistant Secretary Hoyt Yee. Members talked with DAS Yee about regional and economic developments in Central and Eastern Europe. 
 September 11 Roundtable with ITA Acting U/S & DCOS Israel Hernandez - The American-Central European Business Association (ACEBA) met with Israel Hernandez, Deputy Chief of Staff for the Secretary of Commerce and Acting Undersecretary for International Trade at the U.S. Department of Commerce. 

June 28

USPBC Hosts Deputy Minister of Agriculture Jacek Bogucki - The US-Poland Business Council hosted Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Jacek Bogucki. Mr. Bogucki presented the advantages of Poland’s growing economy for importing to Poland as well as potential for agricultural exports from Poland to the United States.


May 8

USPBC Hosts Deputy Assistant Secretary Dale Tasharski - The US-Poland Business Council hosted Deputy Assistant Secretary Secretary for Europe International Trade Administration, Mr. Dale Tasharski. Mr. Tasharski provided the Council with updates from recent meetings between Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross and Deputy Prime Minister for Development and Finance Mateusz Morawiecki. He also provided an update on the Commerce Department’s agenda and encouraged companies to engage the Department on their ongoing work. Companies had the opportunity to present updates on their projects and investments in Poland.


January 31

Poland Energy Advisors Meeting - The US-Poland Business Council (USPBC) staff will host energy advisors from the Republic of Poland for a meeting. The USPBC is excited to host Minister Piotr Naimski,Secretary of State, Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure and Deputy Minister Michal Kurtyka, Ministry of Energy for this engaging discussion on energy policy in the context of the bilateral economic relationship between the United States and Poland.



December 19

USPBC Roundtable with new Polish Ambassador Piotr Wilczek - The US-Poland Business Council will host a roundtable discussion with new Polish Ambassador to the U.S. Piotr Wilczek. The event will provide an opportunity for Ambassador to Wilczek to become better acquainted with the USPBC and to discuss the state of US-Poland economic relations going forward.

December 13

EU Delegation Roundtable - The American-Central European Business Association (ACEBA) will host a roundtable discussion with David O’Sullivan, EU Ambassador to the United States. The roundtable will focus on EU-US relations in the context of Brexit and the recent U.S. election.

December 8

EU Delegation Post-Brexit Discussion - The American-Central European Business Association (ACEBA) will present a discussion with Valeri Rouxel-Laxton, Chief of the Economic and Financial Section, EU Delegation in the United States, on the impact of Brexit and the U.S. election on EU-US relations.

November 2

ACEBA cohosts European technology policy dialogue with Information Technology Industry Council - ACEBA and ITI joined forces to host a roundtable discussion on technology policy during Slovakia’s 2016 EU presidency. This event provided an opportunity for a high-level discussion on advancing innovation and technology throughout the region and across the Atlantic. The informal conversation featured experts from key private sector firms, policymakers from the European Commission and Member State governments, and other thought leaders in global technology trends, and focused on the following themes:

  • Providing a global ICT industry view of how data has driven innovation in manufacturing and services industries;
  • Demonstrating transatlantic leadership in promoting advanced manufacturing, ICT, and services industry growth through greater U.S.-EU collaboration in the areas of cross-border data flows, IoT, cloud computing and standards; and,
  • Developing a sustained dialogue featuring global and local expertise on innovation and technology.

October 20-21

ACEBA partners with inaugural GetGlobal2016 Conference in Los Angeles - The American-Central European Business Association participated as a strategic partner at the inaugural GetGlobal2016 Conference hosted at the JW Marriott in Los Angeles on October 20-21. GetGlobal2016 was the first-ever global trade and international business conference equipping U.S. companies with real business intelligence and access to key decision makers to help them expand into foreign markets. Hungarian Minister of National Development H.E. Miklós Seszták provided plenary remarks and ACEBA President Eric Stewart participated in two panels, including the Europe Super Session. For more information, please visit

October 3

US-Poland Business Council hosts Minster Anna Maria Anders for Roundtable Discussion - USPBC Members hosted the Minister Anders, Plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister for International Dialogue, for a roundtable luncheon during her recent trip to Washington, D.C. The Minister discussed her dual role as a Senator and a Minister in the Polish government. She stressed the importance of American business and investments in Poland. Topics of discussion included the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (T-TIP) negotiations, Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA), Visegrad 4, and economic development in Poland.

September 19

USPBC Members Host Polish President Andrzej Duda on the sidelines of UNGA - On September 19th, the U.S.-Poland Business Council hosted a roundtable dinner discussion with the Polish President, Andrzej Duda, at the Yale Club of New York City. President Duda engaged in a high level discussion with senior American corporate executives on his priorities in Poland and ways to continue to grow the economic relationship between the United States and Poland.

June 27

Roundtable with Deputy Assistant Secretary Hoyt Lee - Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Hoyt Yee will meet with the U.S. Poland Business Council (USPBC) member companies for a roundtable briefing and luncheon. DAS Yee and the company representatives will discuss the current business environment in Poland.

June 1

Roundtable with Charlie Ranado, Senior Commercial Office in Warsaw - The USPBC will host a roundtable discussion with Charlie Ranado, the new Senior Commercial Officer in Warsaw, for companies to update SCO Ranado and the U.S. Department of Commerce team on business priorities in Poland prior to his departure.

May 20

Poland’s Constitution Day Reception - Ambassador of the Republic of Poland Ryszard Schnepf and Mrs. Schnepf will host the annual Constitution Day reception. U.S.-Poland Business Council member companies will be sponsoring and attending.

April 21

Polish-American Investment Dialogue - The US-Poland Business Council (USPBC) will co-host a Polish-American Investment Dialogue with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Madame Beata Szydło. This dialogue will be in the form of a panel discussion and will focus on efforts to strengthen the commercial relationship between the United States and Poland.

March 17

USPBC, U.S. Chamber and BCIU Roundtable with Ambassador Jones -The U.S. Poland Business Council, along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Business Council for International Understanding, is having a roundtable discussion with U.S. Ambassador to Poland Paul Jones. The discussion will focus on the current business environment in Poland, the bilateral relationship, and preparations for the upcoming Warsaw NATO Summit.

March 11

Roundtable with Deputy Asst. Secretary of Commerce Michael Lally - The U.S. Poland Business Council will brief Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce Michael Lally on member companies’ issues and priorities prior to his trip to Poland.

March 10

Roundtable with Undersecretary of State Michal Kurtyka, Ministry of Energy - The U.S. Poland Business Council (USPBC) will host newly-appointed Undersecretary of State Michał Kurtyka, Ministry of Energy for a roundtable discussion. Undersecretary of State Michał Kurtyka and company representatives will discuss Poland’s energy policy and commercial cooperation with the United States.


December 14

New Government Briefing with Polish Ambassador - H.E. Ryszard Schnepf, Ambassador of Poland to the United States, will brief the U.S.-Poland Business Council (USPBC) on Poland’s new Government, recently confirmed in November. Ambassador Schnepf will give insights into the Government’s priorities and discuss how USPBC member companies can best cooperate on mutual goals with Polish leaders. For more information on attending this event, please contact Luke Myers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

October 5-9

USPBC Participates in 2015 U.S.-Poland Innovation Program (PLUS IP)- USPBC attended the 2nd annual PLUS IP committee meeting in Warsaw, PL. Eric Stewart co-led the Subcommittee on Promotion of Collaboration in Key Sectors (Defense, Health, Energy and S&T).

July 14

Agriculture Minister Sawicki Discusses Collaboration with U.S. Agriculture Companies - USPBC hosted a breakfast with Polish Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Marek Sawicki and major U.S. agricultural companies to discuss opportunities for U.S.-Poland collaboration.

June 22

USPBC Briefs Outgoing Congressional Staff Delegation - USPBC members briefed Congressional staff preparing to leave for a week-long trip to Poland. The delegation consisted of staff members from four Senate and six House of Representative offices.

June 2

PDAS Tong Discusses U.S. Business Engagement in Central Europe - Kurt Tong, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, met with USPBC and two other bilateral business councils to learn about American business priorities in Central Europe. Companies briefed Mr. Tong on the importance of their investments in Poland and the impact of regional geopolitical developments.

May 18

Deputy Minister Robert Kupiecki briefs USPBC defense companies on Poland’s strategic interests.

March 26

USPBC hosted a breakfast with Deputy Minister Grazyna Henclewska to discuss collaboration with the Polish Ministry of Economy.

March 12

Sen. Ron Johnson and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen met with USPBC companies to discuss priorities in Eastern Europe.

March 12

Embassy of Poland hosted USPBC members for a videoconference call with experts in the Ministry of National Defense and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

January 12

USPBC members brief Under Secretary of Commerce Stefan Selig on their market access challenges and opportunities in Poland.


December 16

Undersecretary of State for Security, Cooperation, and Development at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Leszek Soczewica met with USPBC members for a roundtable discussion in Washington, DC.

November 17

USPBC participates in the launch of the Poland-United States Innovation Program (PLUS-IP), chairing the Subcommittee on Promoting Collaboration in Energy, Defense, Health, and Science and Technology.

November 6

Prime Minister’s Economic Council Chairman H.E. Jan Krzysztof Bielecki updated USPBC members on the Government of Poland’s economic policies.

July 8

Companies meet with Polish Ambassador to the U.S. Ryszard Schnepf to update him on their business interests in Poland.

May 21

USPBC members support the Embassy of Poland’s celebration of Constitution Day and Independence Day.

April 8

USPBC members joined two other councils to discuss developments in Central Europe with the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Representative Ed Royce.

March 13

USPBC updated U.S. Ambassador to Poland Stephen Mull on their business interests in Poland during his travel to Washington, DC for the Chiefs of Mission Summit at the State Department.

February 27

Brigadier General Jarosław Stróżyk, Military Attaché at the Embassy of Poland, meets with USPBC member companies to provide an update on developments in Ukraine and discuss U.S.-Poland defense cooperation.


November 26

Member companies host Under-Secretary of State for Defense Policy Robert Kupiecki during his trip to Washington, DC.

November 22

USPBC meets with Polish Ambassador to the U.S. Ryszard Schnepf to receive an update on political and economic developments in Poland. The Council and the Embassy will also discuss plans for continued collaboration for the coming year.

September 25

Eric Stewart presents at and USPBC members attend a meeting with President Komorowski on the margins of the U.N. General Assembly.

September 25

USPBC hosts Minister of Environment Marcin Korolec for a breakfast roundtable discussion in New York City.

September 19

USPBC companies invited to participate in a roundtable discussion with the four co-chairs of the Congressional Caucus on Poland, Representatives Chris Smith, Dan Lipinski, Michael Grimm, and Marcy Kaptur.

June 13-14

USPBC hosts a business mission to Warsaw and participates in the Atlantic Council’s “Wrocław Global Forum.

April 25

USPBC hosts Deputy Minister of Economy Antoniszyn-Klik for a luncheon discussion of the U.S.-Poland commercial relationship.

April 15-16

The Birmingham International Center hosts the “Southeastern US-Poland Business Summit,” with keynote from USPBC President Eric Stewart and participation from member companies.

April 9-10

USPBC President Eric Stewart travels to Warsaw to meet with Deputy Ministers of Environment, Economy, Finance, and Foreign Affairs and U.S. Ambassador Mull.

March 28

Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Brent Hartley joins the USPBC for a roundtable discussion on U.S.-Poland relations.

March 18

USPBC hosts a roundtable with Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade Francisco Sánchez to discuss problems of market access and opportunities for commercial growth in Poland.

January 17

USPBC co-organizes the “Poland and Chicago: Opportunities for Investment” conference at the Mid-America Club, in partnership with World Business Chicago. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Beata Stelmach, will participate as the keynote presenter.


December 18

USPBC members are invited to participate in the U.S. Embassy’s business webinar with U.S. Ambassador to Poland, Stephen D. Mull.

November 19

USPBC meets with newly-arrived Polish Ambassador to the U.S. Ryszard Schnepf.

November 1

USPBC hosts incoming Ambassador to Poland Stephen Mull for a roundtable discussion prior to his departure for Warsaw.

October 24

President Eric Stewart delivers keynote speech at the XIV Alliance Business Expo Trade Poland in Miami, Florida

October 10

USPBC co-organizes, with the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the “U.S.-Poland Economic Forum” at the New York Stock Exchange, featuring Minster of Treasury Mikołaj Budzanowski and Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Beata Stelmach.

September 27

USPBC invited to participate in an event with President Bronisław Komorowski to highlight bilateral trade and investment in New York City.

September 21

USPBC Eric Stewart serves as a panelist in the “U.S.-Central Europe Strategy Forum,” organized by the Center for European Policy Analysis.

September 18

USPBC companies are invited to participate in a “Direct Line” Webinar with U.S. Ambassador to Poland Lee Feinstein and senior commercial staff at the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw.

June 20

USPBC serves as co-organizer of the U.S.-Poland Business Summit in Warsaw, co-chaired by Acting U.S. Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank and Polish Deputy Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak. The Business Summit was announced in 2011 by President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

June 18

Roundtable meeting in Washington DC with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss specific efforts to increase economic bilateral cooperation. 

June 12

USPBC met with incoming Senior Commercial Officer in Poland William Czajkowski as part of his Washington consultations before he takes his post.

June 8

Polish Embassy hosts a roundtable breakfast with USPBC members and Deputy Minister of Economy Antoniszyn-Klik.

June 7

Poland Embassy’s Trade & Investment Section hosts a reception with USPBC members and Deputy Minister of Economy Antoniszyn-Klik.

June 6

USPBC members are invited to the Polish Embassy’s reception in honor of US Commerce Director Jay Burgess, with Deputy Minister of Economy Antoniszyn-Klik.

May 30

USPBC members are invited to Ambassador Kupiecki’s Farewell Luncheon.

May 19

USPBC President Eric Stewart speaks at the Workshop on Enhancing Poland – US Collaboration in Small Business Initiatives in Chicago.

April 26

Breakfast with Ludomir Lasocki, Advisor to the Minister of Finance.

April 25

USPBC Members celebrate Poland’s Constitution Day and the opening of the Ambassador’s new residence, with guests of honor Foreign Minister Sikorski and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

April 16 – 17

USPBC President Eric Stewart travels to Poland to officially announce the June US-Poland Business Summit.

April 16

Roundtable discussion with Phyllis Yoshida, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Asia, Europe and the Americas, Department of Energy.

April 11

Breakfast with Adam Jasser, advisor in Prime Minister Tusk’s Chancellery.

April 5

Roundtable with US Department of State Deputy Assistant Secretary Marie Yovanovitch.

March 12

Roundtable discussion with  U.S. Ambassador to Poland Lee Feinstein.

March 9

Luncheon roundtable with Under-Secretary of State of Environment Piotr Wozniak at the Polish Embassy.

March 8

Breakfast roundtable with Foreign Minister Sikorski at the Polish Ambassador’s Residence.

January 24

Member company ADM will participate in a panel discussion at the Polish embassy titled “Biodiesel and Energy Security: Transatlantic Perspective.”

January 10

Polish Ambassador Robert Kupiecki hosts the Members of the US Poland Business Council for a private lunch to discuss our collective efforts to deepen commercial relations between the US and Poland.


December 15

USPBC members are invited to the Polish Ambassador’s residence for an evening reception to celebrate the holidays and to congratulate the Government of Poland on their successful Presidency of the European Union. 

December 14

USPBC President Eric Stewart speaks at annual Health Care conference in Warsaw.

December 12

Roundtable strategy discussion with PIOTR OGRODZIŃSKI, Director of the Americas for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Poland, to discuss the upcoming US Poland Economic Summit.   

November 28

The US Poland Business Council will be hosting a roundtable meeting with Polish Min. Beata Stelmach, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs. 


USPBC will host Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski for a roundtable discussion in New York City.

November 16

USPBC President Eric Stewart speaks in Washington DC to global executives from International Paper about US – Poland relations. 

November 15

Roundtable with U.S. Ambassador Lee Feinstein to discuss preparations for the upcoming U.S.-Poland Economic Summit announced by President Obama and Prime Minister Tusk.  The USPBC has been asked to take a leading role in the Summit between our two nations. 

November 3

Innovation and the Global Economy event at the Polish Embassy with Consumer Electronics Association CEO Gary Shapiro as keynote and US Poland President Eric Stewart as moderator


Polish Presidency of the Council of the European Union High-Lever Energy Conference Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland
| Invitation | Agenda |

October 24

Atlanta, Georgia - USPBC President Stewart speaks at Polish Trade & Business Development Conference hosted by the Georgia Department of Economic Development

October 20

USPBC President Eric Stewart moderates a panel of the “Poland’s Shale Gas Resources” conference at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York City.

October 19

The Baker Institute Energy Forum will host a conference titled “Poland’s Natural Gas Revolution: Energy, Security and Geopolitics” at Rice University, with Ambassador Robert Kupiecki, Undersecretary of State Beata Stelmach, and Ambassador Richard Morningstar.

October 10

USPBC President Eric Stewart lectures at Ohio State University to the Fisher College of Business MBA program in Columbus, Ohio. 

September 29

Members of the USPBC met with the Mayor of Gdansk to discuss further opportunities for closer collaboration between American companies and the city of Gdansk.

September 28

USPBC President Eric Stewart speaks at The European Forum for New Ideas in Sopot Poland

September 23

USPBC roundtable in Washington DC with Governor of the Central Bank and former Prime Minister Marek Belka

September 22

Breakfast roundtable with President Bronisław Komorowski in New York City.

September 21

Market access advocacy with Under Secretary of Commerce Francisco Sánchez and Deputy Assistant Secretary Juan Verde in Warsaw.

September 16

USPBC hosts Minister of Environment Andrzej Krazewski for a roundtable discussion in Washington, DC.

September 14

"The Emissions Footprint of Shale Gas Development” will take place at the Embassy of Poland on Wednesday, September 14 (Noon)

July 25

USPBC Executive Director Eric Stewart speaks at the Seattle World Trade Center on US Poland Commercial relations, Seattle, Washington - Success at the Conference in Seattle

July 20

At 8:30am, the Polish Embassy will be organizing an event for all the members of the US Poland Business Council to meet with the delegation officials: Mr. Christian Burgsmuller, Head of Energy, Environment and Transportation Section, and Hiddo Houben, Head of Trade Section, to talk on current US-EU challenges.

July 11

US Poland Business Council organized an event in the Capitol Building to honor Poland’s Presidency of the European Union.  The event was attended by more than 20 Members of Congress, 6 European Ambassadors and 2 dozen corporate representatives. 

July 11

Congressional Reception in the Capitol Building in honor of Poland's Presidency of the European Union with special guest Polish Minister Adam Jasser Undersecretary of State for Economic Affairs Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

July 1

Poland officially begins their Presidency of the European Union.

June 27

USPBC Executive Director Eric Stewart speaks at BIO Conference being held at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center.

June 27

USPBC holds year end Board meeting

June 21

USPBC has a members only breakfast with Poland’s Ambassador to the US Robert Kupiecki.

June 13

Roundtable lunch with Deputy Health Minister Adam Fronczak

June 13

Teleconference with US Ambassador Lee Feinstein as a follow-up to President Obama’s mission to Warsaw. 

May 19

US-Hungary-Poland Forum: Promoting Transatlantic Trade and Investment By Improving Europe's And America's Competitiveness In The Global Economy

May 5

Celebration of Constitution Day organized by the Polish Embassy
Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum

March 31/April 1

The Council leads a policy mission to Warsaw on the margins of the annual economic consultations between the US Department of Commerce and the Ministry of Economy.

March 2

Council hosts Foreign Minister Sikorski in Washington.


Ambassador Kupiecki hosts the Members of the US Poland Business Council at the Embassy. 

February 22

European Country Briefing Series: Republic of Poland - 4-6:30 pm

January 18

USPBC Board meeting with special guest Jay Burgess, US Department of Commerce Office Director for Europe. 

January 2

USPBC hosts Foreign Minister Sikorski.


December 8

US Poland Business Council hosts Poland’s newly-elected President (Bronislaw Komorowksi) here inWashington DC on December 8th after his official meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama.  The intimate event is for members only.

December 6

USPBC President Stewart delivers a speech to Silicon Valley companies. -

November 15

USPBC Members Only private lunch with Poland Ambassador Robert Kupiecki.

October 18 -19

USPBC will lead a policy mission with representatives from a dozen member companies to Warsaw for meetings with senior Government of Poland officials, the US Ambassador to Poland, and American and Polish business associations.     

September 22

USBPC hosted Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski during his trip to the UN General Assembly in New York City, for a discussion with our members. 

September 17

USPBC hosted Marek Łyżwa, Member of the Management Board of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency, for a discussion with our members in Washington, DC. 

July 22

USBPC member policy round table table discussion with US State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary Pam Quanrud.

July 4th

Presidential run-off in Poland between Civic Platform candidate Bronislaw Komorowski and Law and Justice Party candidate Jaroslaw Kaczynski. 

June 23rd

USPBC hosts Dep. Minister of Economy Korolec for breakfast with our members.  Special guests include Polish Ambassador to the US Kupiecki. 

June 22nd

Members of the USPBC are invited to a reception at the Embassy of the Republic of  Poland on the occasion of the US-Polish Economic and Commercial Dialogue and the US-Poland Energy Roundtable.